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This is my first post, as I'm trying to get some help with some MDR-1RBT headphones I've purchased.


The sound is great so no problems with that. I'm able to connect them to my iPhone, Mac and PC and listen to music fine.


I'm trying to use the microphone as well with Skype etc.., this is where I'm getting problems.


On my macbook I can connect them fine and the microphone works, but on Skype it's so quiet that nobody can hear me the other end. I literally have to put my mouth right next to the mic hole and shout for the other person to hear me. There are no sound settings on Skype for me to change on the mac, it's automatic. It's the same for all other apps, and Windows voice recognition software.


I can't find out how to change the settings for the microphone, surely there is a way to make them more sensitive to sound??