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If you have had an amp from them you know they have decent sound quality at a good price. But if you look harder at the solders in the devices(E11 E17) you will see they are cold solders. Meaning that over time under cold/heat/vibrations they will wear out and have to be touched up.

If you are a heavy music listener it will break faster. I had this happen with my E11 and E17. Both cold solders. Didn't even last a year. I touched up the E11 and it was fine. But the E17 is more complex making it harder to fix. It's not a problem that can be fixed or replaced. Get a new one and it'll do the same thing. New battery or not. Warning people as the cold soldered units will only be fixed with correct techniques. Can't say anything about the E12 but if you have battery problems or headphone jack problems it could very well be a cold solder. Easy fix. But if you don't know how to I would stay away from these amps till someone tears one down and views the joint quality throughout the device especially on the jacks and charging ports.