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Interest Check: Los Angeles HiFi

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Hey all,

I currently work for a retail operation that is considering opening up a smartphone accessory outlet in LA. I wanted to check in here, and just get a feel for how many Head-Fiers would be interested in, and potentially visit/purchase from, a retail outlet in LA that sold high-end earphones and portable headphones, as well as other high-end electronics and accessories. My vision is some kind of cross between a cell phone repair shop and Brookstone, with all sorts of cutting-edge electronic gear and new portable electronic accessories.

Any ideas or requests would be welcome! Very curious to see if LA is the place in the US to make this happen.
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It really depends on the prices, but at the very least, I would come to demo headphones. If other people knew that LA had a place to demo high end headphones, they would surely come as well. Then it would come down to your marketing, sales, and customer service to convince the customer to make a purchase.

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