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iem to start

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Dear folks

Daniele from Italy/Dubai


i m listening to headphones from when i expat to work in middle east

i start from sennheiser hd650, that i liked very much

ultrasone hfi780-nice bass and detail, but a bit too harsh and v shape

grado gs1000-very good detail and huge soundstage but a bit too shy in the bass region

denon d5000-very very enjoyable just a bit too bassy sometimes


right now i m listening with audeze lcd2-toxic silver window-conceroHD transporter to a burson conductor

and i like what i heard very much!


for my portable rig i have sennheiser momentum over ear recabled silver wire+hisound studioV

that are very cool and perfect


unfortunately it start to get hot in Dubai and i soffer the temperature so i would like to be introducted to iem

i have a pair of hifiman from my old hm601, that are pretty good but nothing compared to the momentum


some friends advise me for senny ie80 or jvc ha850, that looks very good

i have the posibilty to try shure 535 and 435 second hand


i should buy the other without listening


i listen mostly to free jazz, modern, avantgarde, electronic 


i will listen when i walk to go to work, in the metro, in the office, in the airplane


my budget is about 150-200 eur, i will listen with the hisound studioV (that for sure it s not on warm side)

second hand is welcome!


what do you guys suggest from me?




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first, this threads in the wrong place so you may want to ask a nice mod if they could move it.


so for jazz and stuff the 535 would likely be very good but.... since you seem to have quite varied tastes id maybe suggest more of a generalist. so my suggestions there would be the DN-1000 or the GR07.  have reviewed both of them so id suggest reading them and seeing if they sound like something that may match your needs well.

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I've moved this to the appropriate forum.

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Thanks and sorry
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