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Originally Posted by Notus View Post

I have big head so would the NVX be better for me?

Is the isolation better on the HM5 because it has stronger clamp?

Any knowledge how is the headband of the Jaycar Pro Monitors compared to the two?

The carry case would be only a bonus, ofc its much better looking on the HM5 but its not a deal breaker.

Jaycar Pro Monitor's were dirt cheap... Out of the 3 mentioned here, what would you recommend? HM5, NVX, Jaycar's?

Do they need a headphone amp or can the Sansa Clip + power them properly?

Should i just go for the cheapest option?


- Almost every headphone will suit big heads, but off the records big heads of course can have some trouble with, lets say, the AKG K450. I wouldn't disregard any headphones for this

- I wish I knew! it is my only doubt between them

- I reckon it is the same in all of them, including the jaycar's

- You can get the Brainwavz one here, for just 20 bucks + free worldwide shipping: http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-headphone-case-suitable-for-most-headphone-sizes-removable-internal-pouch-carrying-strap-included

- It depends on the price. for the jaycar's don't forget you have to get (at least me) the 1.3m cable and hard case from mp4nation, so the price goes up a bit. also the NVX have a different design and better earpads, so really it is up to you. Of course, considering they all sound the same (I hope)

- I guess not. if you go here http://www.innerfidelity.com/headphone-data-sheet-downloads and get the Fischer datasheet, and compare them to any headphones you own, you'll manage to see if you can drive them or not. I have the above mentioned K450, and it seems to me that they sound different if played from my PC or android. Like, really different. and the HM5 require more power than those, so honestly, I don't know. If you get them and see they can benefit from an amp, get the FiiO E6, it is absurdly cheap. 

- Nyes :D again, consider all the factors. also people have reported that cheaper brands offer poor packaging, but nothing arrived damaged. just the pads a bit crushed. see the videos above, the HM5 was fine and the NVX earpads arrived a tad squeezed

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Actually difficult decision, the Jaycar Pro Monitor's are the cheapest. Only around 65 euro if i get the shorter cable and carry pouch from MP4Nation, then comes the NVX XPT100 around 86 euros + 15 euros if i want the carry case. So same price with the HM5 (shipping costs rank up the price) but this had the better ear pads, also like the black look a bit more.

And Most expensive would be the Brainwavz HM5 with price of 103 euros.

Just noticed that NVX XPT100 can be found in Amazon with same price but free shipping, not sure if i can get that.


Listened to the Shure SRH440 but the sound is not quite there for me and the comfort is bad. They are On Ear headphones for me. Ears rest on the baffle plate.

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Just noticed something when i was looking at the cost for shipping and stuff. I have to pay taxes also from the product if it is outside from EU. When the price is bellow 150euros i don't have to pay for the customs fee. So the price goes up if i order something outside EU...

So i wont be ordering from US, the hassle with the Customs fee, Taxes... I will check what they offer in UK.

Oh yeh and the Taxes are 24% on top of the price.


It would seem Jaycar has a store in UK, that would cut the taxes and also Mp4nation has Uk sell for the Brainwavz.

Also found Lindy HF-100 from Uk amazon. I will have to check the shipping fees...

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Little update. Jaycar while they appear to have shop in UK they ship all products from Australia and the price is quite high considering you don't get as good accessory's with it. I think the price was something around 86 euros + tax, this includes shipping costs. That's around 115,14 us dollars.

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I love my 440s, but they have some sharpness in the upper mids.


Have you looked into the K271 MK II? That's kind of stating the obvious but just throwing it out there.

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I have looked at the K271 mkII, but they are not ideal for transport. Even less so than the other headphones i am considering.

Also the sound from what i can tell from all the reviews is very bass light even compared to the Akg K240 MkII model.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no seller in europe for the Brainwavz HM5 / NVX XPT100 clones. At least not any that has reasonable price. Ordering from Amazon UK did not work out after all, it appears Amazon UK prices do not include tax (at least not in this case).

So if i want the HM5, XPT100 best price would be from US imported and i would have to pay the tax and pray there are no surprises.

But i guess if there are no other options then i could try my luck and hope for the best.


Akg K550 is tempting, but i know i will have issues with the ear pads. Most likely the ear pads are too shallow and slightly too small.

KRK KNS 8400 while they sounded fairly nice, not the biggest soundstage. they had a dip in the upper bass so they don't have proper impact and they look so goofy.

Brainwavz HM5, they look damn comfy with the big pads and according to the reviews they have fairly good soundstage and isolation is very good also.


Smallest are the KRK KNS 8400 and they are light, the two are very big but i guess i have to make a compromise somewhere since it appears there are not that many closed headphones with fairly good soundstage and portable. At least not in my price range.

But i have to thank everybody who have given me some options so far.

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You might still be able to get the Fischer FA-003 from Frogbeats in the UK.
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I ended up getting the KRK KNS 8400. I actually did not plan to get them but i was in the city and i ended up going to the music shop because it was near the game shop. I ended up buying the headphones. Actually my brother bought the Beyerdynamic DT770 from there also. Was maybe thinking of getting the HM5 / other clones, later this year.

I think these 8400 will serve quite nicely for portable use, yeh they look a bit goofy but i think the sound definitely makes up for that.

Slowly but surely head-fi is turning me into a headphone nut...

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congrats! and please don't forget to give your insights on them!

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Thank you, i will write something about them when i have burned them in for around 80 hours. For couple of day's its been so damn hot that i have only listened music at evening / night.

But the headphones have been playing pink noise / music all this time.

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Where do i start, well i had some concerns with the KRK KNS 8400, when i listened it in the store i felt it had slightly recessed upper bass region, also some have reported they can slightly fatiguing because of the treble. Initially they had quite strong treble and it was slightly fatiguing, comfort was good right out of box and it is getting better and better.

At some point of the burn in i got very concerned with the sound, it was thin, bright and fatiguing ( this was at i think 1 - 20 hours ). Not sure what happened there really.


They have burned for around 80h - 100h now and at around 60 - 80 hour the sound did change. After the burn-in the treble has tamed nicely, they have good extension in the treble and has some sparkle but they are not fatiguing anymore. Mid's are superb in my opinion. Bass has improved quite a lot with burn-in, now there is enough impact and the bass is punchy and extends deep into the sub bass. To my surprise i felt there was nice warmth in the sound. In my opinion they are very neutral, compared to my Akg K240mkII the KRK KNS 8400 has better extension in both ends.

To me 8400 sound more neutral since K240mkII has slightly elevated upper bass region and slightly rolled of treble. (both of them are colored to be called neutral).

Soundstage for a closed can is fairly good, i was fooled into looking over my shoulder couple of times during this short time i have listened them.

The isolation is very good, actually i think it has improved for some reason. Its very likely i have just found a good position on my head for them. The isolation was better on the KRK KNS 8400 compared to the Beyerdynamic DT770, at least for me.

Some have complained about the headband bumps but i don't even notice them at all. Do note that i have long hair. Over all they feel very secure on my head while staying comfortable.

Last night used them for 7 hours without taking them off and did not feel uncomfortable. The ear pads are on the small side and i have big ear's but the memory foam pads remain comfortable, i would say that it actually did surprise me a bit. At least for longer use, i was expecting some discomfort.

I am quite happy with the purchase, now i only need shorter cable the 2.5m cable is a bit too long for portable usage.

Sound good but are a bit goofy looking.


Maybe i will do some small review on them later when i have logged more hour's on them.

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good to see you like them. and looks are a personal taste, you might love them and they may look really good for you when wearing, and everyone else can still dislike them. I wouldn't take much importance on that matter


I was considering them some time ago, but your insights proved me my fears: they might be too bright for me. thanks for the info ;)

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The 8400 I listened to had a colored and exaggerated upper midrange and the upper bass sounded bloated. I don't know why people call those neutral.

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There has been discussion that its possible KRK did tune the headphones at some point. Some do actually say they have slightly forward mid range.

Out of the box there was actually a dip in the Upper bass region, making the sub bass stand out far more than the upper bass. After burn-in they have better impact but i would not say they have exaggerated upper bass but maybe a bit forward upper mid range.

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Originally Posted by Notus View Post

There has been discussion that its possible KRK did tune the headphones at some point. Some do actually say they have slightly forward mid range.
Out of the box there was actually a dip in the Upper bass region, making the sub bass stand out far more than the upper bass. After burn-in they have better impact but i would not say they have exaggerated upper bass but maybe a bit forward upper mid range.
Yeah that's what I heard when I listened to them in a store recently. The upper mids are not only forward but also colored in that they exaggerate 2k more than they should. Standard HRTF curves say the exaggeration in the raw FR should be at about 3k but the krks peak a little earlier than that making them sound off to my ears judging by their frequency graph as well.
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