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For Sale: Interest Check/FS: Decware CSP3

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For Sale:
Interest Check/FS: Decware CSP3

Will Ship To: US

Interest check/ maybe for sale...I love both these amps, but am thinking to sell one, maybe both, as I need to free up some cash for other stuff. The pair work amazingly well together, as well as by themselves. 


Decware CSP3:

Excellent OTL preamp/ amp. I'm the original owner, condition is excellent. This unit has the dark walnut base. Cryo beeswax caps upgrade ($275) and one 4 pin XLR out and one 1/4 jack ($50) Smooth volume control. This unit was just within the last month back at Decware and the internal layout was completely rebuilt to allow use of 6922/7308 tubes in the driver position. Previously only 6N1P would work, now it will take both. Great amp. $Best offer

Awesome HD800 amp!

I have a stepped attenuator I would be happy to install for the buyer. Decware charges $150 for this option. I am very DIY capable, so it won't be hacked together or anything.

EDIT: I previously had this listed as including warranty transfer included in price. I've decided to change this on my CSP3 listing, and send the amp directly to the buyer. And sell it at a lower price. Reason is this- I recently sold the Taboo in this listing. Previously, Decware charged $100 for the warranty transfer. Well, I shipped the amp to Decware and they informed me that they changed their policy. The transfer is now $200, and also requires me to buy a full set of new tubes to be included and shipped to the buyer. So the warranty transfer on the Taboo sale ended up costing me $289. I can't sell the CSP3 and pay that amount! I'd be giving it away! The CSP3 has just been into Decware a little over a month ago, and fully rebuilt, checked out, it's 100% up to spec. I just can't afford to throw the warranty transfer in. I would for $100 but not $289!. Please make a reasonable offer taking this into consideration  


Taboo Mk3 SOLD Decware Taboo Mk3:

I am the second owner, I bought it from another respected Head-Fi'er in July 2013. Condition is excellent. It has since been into Decware for checkup/ ownership transfer into my name. It has the Teflon V-cap upgrade ($200) and cherry base ($50). Total new price for this unit/upgrades is $1950. I'm looking to get $1350 OBO - this price INCLUDES fully insured shipping to Decware, inspection/owner transfer/warranty to the buyer. So you will basically get an inspected, like new, full warranty amp shipped to you direct from Decware.



- Tubes in the pictures are NOT included. The stock tubes will be provided, but I will make a special deal for other rare/NOS tubes I have for the buyer of the amp(s). 


- . 


- These come from a smoke free home


- There is a long wait to have a new amp built from Decware! These are available now, without the wait!


- US buyers only, Paypal only, seller/buyer splits the 3.5% paypal fee. 



Please feel free to ask questions, request more pics, etc. Check my excellent trader feedback!

Thanks for looking!

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oh i wish i had the cash to try this beauty out !

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great amp, great seller.  Good luck!

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I've seen this amp in person. It is immaculate. @thegrobe is a great headfi-er to deal with.

Best with the sale - someone's gonna get a beauty!
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Originally Posted by caracara08 View Post

great amp, great seller.  Good luck!

Originally Posted by aamefford View Post

I've seen this amp in person. It is immaculate. @thegrobe is a great headfi-er to deal with.

Best with the sale - someone's gonna get a beauty!

Thanks for the kind words!
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