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post your computer audio setup

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So what exactly are ya'll running? Are you satisfied with it?
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M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96... Outlaw PCA cables running from the analog outs to a Headsave Home-Vibe amp (formerly a Headsave Ultra) and Sennheiser HD600s. Soundcard output upsampled to 24/96.

Yep, I'm satisfied... I'm tired of listening for the last smidgens of detail (the majority of recordings stink anyway) and just want to settle down and listen to music awhile. Although this is no ultimate PC setup, to my ears it's hi-fi. I may be upgrading amps one final time shortly and possibly the soundcard in the more distant future, but I would be fine just staying with this setup.
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PC Rig

M-Audio Tansit -->Ratshack cables -->JMT PIMETA -->ATH-A900. 24/96 resampled to 88200.

Assembled for casual listening at the PC, this is a surprisingly musical setup. I'm very pleased.

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M-Audio Revo -> Zu Cable Pivot -> wooAudio-I -> radio shack lowest of the low cables -> NHT Pro A-10

Resampling to 96khz, 32bit, didn't like 88.2khz at all.
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Pretty soon I'll be running:

Chaintech AV-710 -> Undetermined IC's -> Marantz 1060 -> HD580 w/ Oehlbach cables or some Athena BS-1 bookshelves (I think that's the right model number)

Chances are I'll snag a Mini -> RCA cable from the classifieds and call it a day
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FLAC -> Emu 1212m -> Headphile BlackCoral -> Emmeline HR-2 w/LT1028 -> HD650 w/Silver Dragon
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Terratec EWX 2496 -> Sonicwave Glass Toslink -> AOS Piccolo Dac -> Headphile Silver CPU IC -> Bose MediaMate Speaker -> Headphile Silver CPU IC -> Headsave PPA -> AKG K240S

I'm VERY HAPPY with what I'm hearing. It's an audio path made up of Sweet Spots. And the overall Audio System sound is beyond anything that I ever thought would be within my financial reach. I have no inclination to upgrade anything, except to add to my music collection, and to take the time to enjoy it. I hang out on Head-Fi now because it's fun to. It's actually MORE fun hanging out on Head-Fi when you're feeling totally satisfied than when you're feeling like something's missing.
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This is it for me, the audio system I use at work. The laptop is not my property though, but the E3C's are. No idea what audio card the Thinkpad T40's motherboard has, but it is pretty decent. With the E3C's, only a minor hiss starts to be detectable at really way too loud volumes. So far those rubber sleeves in the pic are the ones I've found better for my ears to get the best possible seal and isolation comfortably. Liking the e3c's a lot, especially for my work environment. They are really very inconspicuous, isolate well, and sound very nice.
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m-audio sonica -> markertek mini -> maxed out meta42 -> beyerdynamic dt770 pro's (although I'm listening to shure e2c's at the moment as the beyers are being repaired)

Very happy with it.
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see sig...computer is dell inspiron 8500

still trying to find out which DAC is better and write a review...right now i need to find a better mini to rca IC...zu mobius? cardas? headphile?

i am happy with both of them...won't touch them until i have cash for better amp and headphones
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RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 -> silver lace XLR balanced analog -> grace 901 -> whatever headphone I prefer... maybe the ATH-L3000 or PS-1

I think that will be my computer setup for a while, I can upgrade it but then I am working on a standalone CDP source and high end gilmore amp (gilmore balanced reference for dynamic cans and the Weebl for electrostats) setup so it isn't much use to upgrade the already good computer setup. I like the analytical sound it has so no problems there.
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See my sig, not listed is that I have settled on upsampling to 192kHz, with strong ath noise-shaping. I am pretty darn happy with the state of things, though I am anxiously waiting to hear larry's wood cups. I might also build a new amp or cables in the future. Of course the ultimate upgrade path (long-term) will be to an external DAC that sounds better than my current EMU, which might be a bear to find (then afford).
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M-Audio Sonica =>Zu Pivot or Markertek mini =>Fixup Supermini V6.2 =>Beyerdynamics DT931

For the most part I am pretty satisfied with this setup. However, I recently put together a new desktop system with a D-303 and The Meathead (see sig) amp, which I like a whole lot better. Still, I have an MP3 player, which acts as an external hard drive and it's nice to be able to access all the music on the drive. If I'm really working hard and I just want to put together a long playlist, the computer setup is ideal. I'm not listening critically so the sound quality is fine.

As far as software goes, I primarily use foobar because it does not use too much of my computer's resources, which seem to be more and more taxed these days. I really like the Winamp visualizations but they sap all the juice out of my computer. QCD is also loaded on my computer but really foobar is my player of choice.
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Toshiba Satellite laptop -->> M-Audio Transit -->> Headsave custom IC's -->> Headsave PPA -->> Alessandro MS-2's.

Quite happy with the sound, however I feel it needs a major source upgrade, so there is a space for a standalone DAC. I haven't decided yet, but the Ack! dAck seems to be the winner here...
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RME Digi96/8 PAD > Toslink > DIP16DAC (PCM1738) > DIP16AMP X16 (Gilmore dynamic) > RS1
Sounds great!
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