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 I will buy a piece of equipment after doing much research on Head-Fi or Amazon. Usually the novelty wears off after a day or two. The disappointment sets in and the search continues. I have always been one to stay in lower budget territory since my source are computer files and certainly they are not reference material.


So I bought a Modi Dac and Magni Amp by Schiit. I am very well pleased with this purchase.


I bought a Takstar 2050 Headphone.  Mistake for me. Others may love them.


I bought a Grado SR225i. Big step up from the Takstar. Still not where I want to be.


I bought a Fostex T50RP. I was warned that these need modification straight out of the box. I did some (not all) of the mods from this video:


I am not the most skilled person at task like those in the video. I was hoping that I would not ruin these headphones. I am here to tell you these headphone are totally different than what comes from the factory. Well worth the $40.00 of modifications. These headphones are accurate, fast, and detailed.


Modi, Magni, and T50RP are highly recommended.