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Need recommendations!

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Dear all, 


I'm looking for a set of computer speaker around $300. I usually listen to house/electro music, so would prefer a set of speakers with great bass performance. 


I've looked around and saw that the Audioengine A5's are probably the best for my need, with great performances overall, slanting towards a heavier bass. However, it is slightly above my price range. How do the Audioengine A2's compare? How can i better improve the A2's such that the bass performance will be on par with the A5's? Any other recommendations that are similar to the A5's?


Thanks in advance!

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i owe a pair of shure 750DJ's, how would you compare the quality of the bass of the A2's to it?

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The A2s have tiny drivers. If you want decent bass sound quality and output, go with speakers with 5 to 6" drivers.

Look into the JBL LSR305. They have been getting great testimonials and reviews.
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I've pretty much decided to get the LSR305s. However, i was just wondering if the bass of the 305s are strong enough, since i mostly listen to EDM. Would i need to get a subwoofer?

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EDM is always better with a subwoofer biggrin.gif
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when i was buying speakers 2 months ago. I had a budget of $399 and i was somewhat decided on the polk rtia1 or the audioengine A5+. Went with the polk because from past experience, audioengine aren't worth full price. Also, the polk speakers were bigger and has bit bigger drivers. Went to the stores to get it and i found out they were on sale for $229. But yeah, subwoofer definitely helps EDM, but depending on how the LSR305s performs with the bass, a subwoofer is going to be a luxury than a necessity. With my rtia1, the bass is good enough for me to turn off my sub most of the time. 

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