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For Sale: Matched Pair Russian Military Tubes

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For Sale:
Matched Pair Russian Military Tubes

Will Ship To: North America

Looking to sell matched pair of NOS Voshkod Russian Military Tubes. I only used them for < 10s to verify that they work (can play the Windows test tone).


For use with ALO Pan Am or any other amp compatible with the following tube types:

Analogs: E95F, EF95, EF905, 6F32 "Tesla", 6AK7, 5654, 6096, DP61, PM05, M8100.


Info from original source:

Tested on L3-3 tube tester (Un=6.3V, Ua=120V, Uc2= 120V)

Date        Ia1    S

Jan-76    6,8    5,1
Jul-75     6,9    5,1

were 100% is: Ia = 7.35mA, S = 5.15 mA/V


This high quality tubes were made in USSR for the military equipment. The tubes are NOS (never used), manufactured on Voskhod Factory (Kaluga city). LONG LIFE VERSION (5000 hrs min)


Price does not include shipping. Preference for US, but opening this up to Canada/Mexico.

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Opening this up to Canada/Mexico and not just the US.

Originally purchased as a matched quad from the Ukraine off Ebay that took almost a month to get here and trying to pass on some savings. Keep in mind that while these might be listed for cheaper elsewhere, many sites that have listings don't actually have them in stock.

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PM sent.

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PM response!

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