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Replacement cable for Sony EX600 IEM

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi head-fiers! Hoping someone can help me out with this rare item. I have an oldie but a goodie EX600 with a defective cable. Its left channel keeps cutting off and is sensitive to contact or movement. The problem started about late last year. Anyway, as most of you know, Sony has discontinued their dynamic IEMs some time ago, making their replacement cables (RK-EX1000LP and RK-EX1000SP) extinct. They were even hard to find when the EX600/1000 were still for sale.


So, if any of you head-fiers have the kind heart to sell me their cable, please post :)

I'll take an extra cable, a used cable if you don't use your EX600 anymore, or even any of those custom aftermarket cables that look weird. :D


As long as they're working. I'm that desperate :(




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