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Lyr making strange noise

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Hi all,


This is my first post here. I've been lurking for a week or two now, and thoroughly enjoying everything I am reading and the wealth of information and opinions here.


Yesterday I got a Bifrost + Lyr combo to drive my T1s. I'm exceptionally happy with them, but I noticed that the Lyr makes an odd noise every so often. It's like a soft, metallic "ting" or "clink" audible only through the headphones. It's definitely not related to the Bifrost muting relay. It happens even with the Bifrost off/disconnected. It is neither loud nor particularly awful, and is very sporadic. Is this typical for tube amps? Is it the tubes warming up?


I'm also getting right channel crackling/dropping out occasionally - however I suspect this is unrelated and I've ordered new RCA interconnects as that might be the problem.


Any thoughts on the noise?

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So I got new interconnects yesterday and that appears to have solved the crackling and dropping out. Phew!


The metallic noise remains, but after a week with the Lyr, I've decided this is merely a by product of it warming up, and I don't hear it much after the first few minutes.


Very happy. Long live Schiit :beyersmile:


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This is a by product of the tubes warming up and not the amp itself. You might have microphonic tubes.
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