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For Sale: 3rd Generation iPod touch - 32 GB

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For Sale:
3rd Generation iPod touch - 32 GB

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For Sale:


Good Condition (fully operational) 3rd Gen. iPod Touch - 32GB.


I'm the second owner and I got this to use with my CLAS-ALO Rx MkII setup.  I upgraded for more capacity so this is just sitting around.  It has the usual scratches on both front/side.  Slight slight separation on screen/frame area near volume controls - has no effect on operations.  I have 4th Gen. iPod Touch and this iPod responds faster - I have no idea why, maybe the 4th gens have bloatware.


I actually measured the battery life:  playing music via external speakers and I got over 7 hours - I kid you not.  Of course, I put it in Airplane Mode and no other programs were running.


This would be a great portable iPod with nice capacity for a lot of songs.  It won't play the latest intensive games like 'Injustice' very well but who cares:  this should be used strictly as a music machine.


I will ship via Fedex Ground/UPS Priority and eat all paypal fees for an amazing $50 (which is just a nice steak dinner).  I will include the box (if I find it) but not USB cables (I still need it).


Thanks for looking.



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