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Amp and Dac

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Hi im kinda new to this  (Hifi noob). I listen to music on my pc.


So im thinking of buying the HD650's soo i need an amp for it but, i dont know if i can connect a dac to it or if i need a soundcard.

Im thinking of buying the Schiit Valhalla and the loki dac


Need your help for this Hifi people :D 

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Check out the Audio-GD NFB-11 external DAC/Amp, $355+shipping.


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The Valhalla and Loki will work, you don't necessarily need the Loki though. Your PC already has a DAC in its sound card or on-board audio. You can connect the audio output of your PC to the amp and it will work fine. If you want to upgrade to the Loki DAC, it will connect to your PC via USB and act as the sound card instead of what you are currently using to output sound. If you chose a DAC with S/PDIF input instead of USB, then you would need a sound card with S/PDIF output.

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