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Choosing a Portable Music Player (maybe even a phone?)

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Hey all!

I have very little knowledge with what all these advanced audio terms mean, so simple terms would be appreciated.


I currently own an iPhone 4s that I use as my primary source of listening to music (even over my desktop).


I am interested in a fairly inexpensive player for my music that is portable, can carry around 16 gigs of music, and plays friendly with a pair of UE 6000s. I listen to mostly electronic, and like a good bass presence (but not have it drown out everything). I mostly use mp3 (my ears are terrible), but at least I want my mp3s to sound good.


Mainly, my issue with my iPhone is a couple songs of mine (though these are rock) have a sound like a container of BBs are being dropped onto tile at higher volume levels. I'd like a device that sounds more clean, similar to my computer or even a CD player.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip and a 16GB uSD card is exactly what you are looking for.
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What are the differences? And why did you exclude the Fuze?

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Originally Posted by Thatotheruser View Post

What are the differences? And why did you exclude the Fuze?

I can recommend the Clips as well. Excellent SQ.

The Clip Zip has a color screen that is slightly larger than the Clip+. Otherwise, they are the same audio electronics inside and the same size unit. Same sound quality.

The old version of the Fuse was considered to be a good player, too. The newer model that is now available is not considered as good in SQ as the Clips.
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Thank you! Are there really no other differences? And what about that Rockbox stuff? (Trust me, I'm trying to be read up on EVERYTHING as best as I can, but I get sorta lost)

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The controls panels on the front are slightly different, but you can see that by looking at pics. The default software/firmware is slightly different. But I use Rockbox instead so I haven't compared the stock software. Other than that, they sound the same and are about the same size; I haven't actually looked for any other differences. I would go with the Zip if around the same price because of the bigger, color screen.

Rockbox offers some additional features and supposedly a little bit better battery life. But they will sound great out of the box without Rockboxing. You don't have to figure that out now. Here are some discussions of it:


BTW: 32GB microsd cards aren't a lot more than 16gb these days. I've had good luck with these Sandisk: http://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Ultra-MicroSDHC-Memory-Adapter/dp/B007XZM6VG/ Worth the difference in money if you can swing it because then you have LOTS of storage room to grow your music collection. smily_headphones1.gif
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Rockbox opens up the Clips for full functionality and supports more media types than the stock Sansa firmware does, 5 band EQ and it even plays Doom! biggrin.gif

One great feature of Rockbox is it allows both the internal and external memory to show up as one drive if you have a car deck that takes a USB input. Since most car decks don't support multiple drives on one device.

It's a great little player well worth the money. I came from two iPod nanos to the Clip+, then moved on to the Colorfly C3 and right now the FiiO X3.

The Colorfly C3 has a better sound, but has a real quirky user interface and touch screen that you eventually get used to. The X3 sounds better again, nice amplifier built in, works as a DAC for your computer, but its firmware is also written by simians and we are patiently waiting for a new update to fix the bugs.

Go with one of the Clips and a memory card, put Rockbox on it and enjoy your music.

Very little cash outlay to see if it is what you are looking for before you take the jump to a higher end DAP...
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Ipod classic
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