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FiiO E6 "Fujiyama" vs. E12 "Mont Blanc"

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Hello Fellow Members!


After enjoying the FiiO E6, I decided to upgrade to their "flagship" model, the E12.  I just received the amp two days ago.


One thing struck me as curious almost right away:


All else being equal, the little E6 is louder than the 12.


I don't understand how that could be.

If anyone has experience with these two units, I would really appreciate some additional insight.



The E6 settings:
[-Power is "ON" / corner window glowing Blue]
-EQ is "OFF" (indicator Clear)

-Volume up to MAX

E12 settings:
[Power "ON" / Blue]
-Bass switch "OFF"
-Gain switch "0dB"

-Crossfeed "OFF"

-Volume up to MAX

Media player set to 50% volume

Both amps fully charged and using same 3.5mm connecting cord and phone.

Both units passed FiiO's 20-bit scratch-off on line verification

htc one vx / "Jelly Bean" OS version 4.1.2

HTC Sense version 4+
Player app: POWER AMP (Full version 2.0.9 build 555)

Etymotic HF5
Grado SR60
Sennheiser HD201


Again, any information will be helpful.




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I don't know the answer to your question, but someone in the FiiO E12 discussion thread likely would: http://www.head-fi.org/t/620339/fiio-flagship-portable-amp-mont-blanc-e12-discussing-thread-the-pre-order-unit-arrives

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Or just move the gain switch on the E12 to +16db... rolleyes.gif

And if you have your IEM's in when you switch the gain, you won't have to worry about a loudness problem any more.

Why do you run the amplifier at maximum? It makes no sense...
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Hi, TrollDragon, thanks for taking time getting back to me.


Listening to music on my player (w/o an external amp) I have always set the volume to about 50%.


Connecting either of the FiiO amps, to get the same volume from my 'phones as before, the E6 or 12 have to be turned to their MAX volume setting.

(Keeping player volume to 50%)


If I should be setting these differently please let me know.  Using a headphone amp is a new experience for me.



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Generally, when connecting a headphone amp to a portable device, you'll want to run the volume on the portable device at or near max volume just before where the source (player) device starts to distort. In other words, you want it to deliver the maximum power it can cleanly to the headphone amp. Crank it up smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks, cel4145!
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Exactly the way cel4145 explained it, turn up the player, set the E12 to +16db and see if that doesn't provide quite a bit more power for listening. If the +16db is too much just switch it back to 0db.

I use +16db gain with my DT880 Pro's on the E12 driven by the line out of the X3.
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Great! Turning up my player 2-clicks below 100%.
E12 volume is not even at 50%...with gain at 0dB.
Thanks a lot!
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I got a nice reply from FiiO regarding my question, plus this chart.


"Kindly inform you that, when the E6's EQ function is off, its gain is 6.5dB. So the E6 is louder than the E12 when the E6's EQ function is off."



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