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X5 problems

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I have just received my X5 and so far am very disappointed with the UI and its general operation (or non-operation should I say)….I am using a 64gb card (in slot 2) as slot 1 seems broken and won't retain the card, Everything takes forever to happen and sometimes doesn't happen and I can't get the folder view to work. I have around 6,000 tracks and had them all in the root of the card….I have now moved them to folders, so 6 folders, each with approx 1,000 tracks….but this hasn't helped.

The few tracks I have managed to play are great, but I am losing faith and am considering returning the unit for a refund (I have to anyway to get this slot 1 issue sorted out)….at the moment my view is that it is a pile of rubbish.

Anyone can offer any help it would be appreciated, I have wasted 2 days messing around with it now and have had enough of hit and miss trying….I have read this forum but can only find sd card issues with the X3 not the x5.


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Hi, Carlo,


      please contact the dealer for a replacement if the micro SD card slot 1 can't work.  at the same time, have you update the music library first so you can play all the music by artist .... 




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BTW, please contact our support team by if anyone have problem about how to use X5 or you have quality issues.

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Hi James,


Thanks for your reply.


I have contacted the supplier, but as I have to return it to the UK from Cyprus, it is hassle & cost that I didn't really need.


I have updated the library maybe 30 times now, it just won't register more than about 900 tracks under 'songs'.


I don't use it by artist so I don't know if all the 6,000 songs show up there but I very much doubt it if it is only registering about 900 songs under 'songs'...…I am hesitant to check this out as every time I go to folder view and try to browse, the unit locks up and I have to remove the card and restart it and then rebuild the music library again.


When I plug the X5 into the computer as a USB, the tracks all show up, so they are there. Also, if play them from the card on the computer all is fine and they are all there.


Also, when I plug in a USB stick with songs on it using the OTG cable and browse, it says there are no songs when for sure there are, so that facility doesn't seem to work either.


The firmware is the latest version.


At the moment, my instinct is to get a refund and return to using my 160gb Pod classic…the quality might not be the same, but it works straight from the box, the UI is significantly better and I can see the screen without needing a magnifying glass.


Sorry, but I am not impressed thus far.





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