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On the hunt for a new IEM

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Hey everyone, let me give you some background on where I am now. Typically, I listen to rock, alternative, trance, techno, electronic and with international music (japanese, chinese, and korean). I usually listen on the go, while I work out or on my computer. Usually in this situations I need the noise isolation so IEM's fit the bill. My first set of IEM's were the Etymotic research 6i Isolators years ago and from what I can remember I didn't have an issue with them other than they just stopped working. After the 6i Isolator's I bought Beat's Ibeats and I was content with them until they too stopped working. I bought and used for a while Beat's Tour before I returned it. I liked the flat cables as it didn't tangle much but the sound was left to much desire. This was probably a span of 6 years. A year and half ago, I bought myself Shure SE 425 and I just recently sold it after not using for more than 2-3 months. The sound while it seemed "clear" to me, sounded bland with the music I listen to? With the cash I have from the sale and a little more, I'm looking for some recommendations on which IEM's I should be purchasing. I'm looking at the semi-max range of $350, I might be able to go $400.


I was looking at maybe the UE 900 (or UE900s, I don't know the difference after researching still) and maybe the Weston's? (Maybe W30 or W40 if I can get it for the right price) but any recommendations are welcomed. I was looking also at the for sale section to see if I could get any second hand IEM's that are right for me, so recommendations from there are also welcome.


Thanks everyone!


Edit: I probably want to mention some bands as it might narrow it down more. 

Atreyu, Augustana, Avenged Sevenfold, Basshunter, Breaking Benjamin, Chiodos, Coldplay, Foofighters, Greenday, Linkin Park, Metallica, Switchfoot, Taking Back Sunday, 30 second to mars are pretty representative of what I listen to.

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Hey guys, still looking for suggestions. Besides the Westone W40's and the UE 900. After reading reviews and opinions, I am also looking at the Weston W4R and the Shure 535's (Is there a significant difference from the Shure 425 as I felt disappointed on how it sounded?). After reading reviews and opinions, I still can't decide between any of them. Can someone help me narrow it down or offer their own suggestion of what IEM I should be looking at?

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In my continued research, I think I won't be continuing to look at the Shure's as I think it wouldn't be "exciting" to listen to with the genres that I have listed. I am looking more into the Westone UM Pro 30, Westone W40 and the UE 900 (Still currently researching on opinions that everyone has with the genres that I have listed). If someone has any experience with the ones listed (or the UM3X, W4R as I heard its the same thing as the ones I listed), would you be kind as to give your opinion in relation to what genres I listen to. Thanks!

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Consider the Vsonic mk07 mkii be. Outstanding univeral iem. The best I've heard and recently brought back from retirement. 

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