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In Ear vs Over Ear

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I was wondering what the pros and cons of IEM's vs. Over ear headphones.


I use them mostly at home but I also do not want to use the same pair on the go.


For IEM's I was looking at Sennheiser IE80, Shure SE 315 Westone 4 etc. My budget is around 300$.


For Over Ears I was looking at things like the Sennheiser momentum.


My ears measure 60 mm in length.


My MAIN ISSUE is comfort. Are IEMs comfortable and will wearing them for around 3-4- hours (not continuously) damage my ears as I am essentially sticking things in my ears. 



Thanks and a few other recommendations at this price point would be nice. I like to listen to rock, pop, some classical, Preferably, I do not want a flat sound signature. I am not that much of an audiophile and like some more bass. 

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rdeng > welcome to the forums


iems will not damage your ears if the volume is lower and not higher


differences are:


open headphones will not block out noise in case you need to hear what's in the background

have a bigger sound stage

leak noise


closed headphones do not leak noise


iems can seal out noise better than either of the above

need to insert carefully to get a good seal and get the best sound


enjoy your time here!

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Does anybody have any IEMs around the 300$ price range that they recommend?

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