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Hi -

This is for a bar setting.  We use a 3 input RCA switcher that services our cable tv and two standard dvd players to multiple screens throughout the bar..  We're replacing one of the dvd players with a blu-ray player so one of the guys can use his blu-ray discs when he is there.  I need recommendations for suitable HDMI to RCA converters.  I of course realize that the image quality that blu-ray offers will be lost, we just want a player that will work with his discs which are exclusively blu-ray.  Thanks for any help you can provide. - Brian

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HDMI is digital and composite is analog so you would need a converter that would extract the digital AV and convert them to analog. This should work

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Thanks for the response wuwhere.  Unless I've misunderstood the product description, this is for HDMI out.  I need the opposite.  HDMI in, RCA Composite out.  Thanks anyway.

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It's HDMI Input and composite + L/R output.

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Thanks - Either I'm going crazy or wuwhere edited the link.  When I checked before, it was a completely different item that had an RCA/COMPOSITE and an RCA/COMPONENT input as well as a couple others with an HDMI output.  This item appears to be what I'm looking for.  Thanks for getting me to take another look and thanks wuwhere for the original post or the edit, which ever applies.

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