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headphones upto 300$

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Guys I need a good noise cancelling headset for upto 300$. Noise cancellation and sound quality should be balanced. Please guys I need a quick response. Thankss
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for good noise cancelling you need the BOSE QuietComfort

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Yeaa bt I have heard that the sound quality isn't upto the mark!!
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well, no SQ on noise cancelling heaphones is up to mark, but these are one of the best. for sub 300$ headphones I doubt there's something better


read this:

and this

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Ohh okay thankss
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I use Klipsch X10 IEMs instead of noise canceling headphones. The silicone tips block out about 25 dB of noise, which is about as good as store bought ear plugs. They are a lot less expensive than Bose, have very good sound quality, and are very comfortable.
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noise cancellation should be your last resort really, only if you need inninterrupt usage of hadphones for a long period of time. In that case IEM's might be too uncomfortable. In any other situation in-ear is better

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I have owned the Bose QC15 and would pick the Sennheiser PXC450 over it. QC15 NC (noise cancelling) is the best, but only for nagging bosses or family members. PXC450 NC is 3/4 as good with better imaging sound and is more comfortable. If available, just remember to get an extended warranty, just in case.
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