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After many hours of reading I decided to settle on the Alpha Dogs as my headphones. I was considering Mad Dogs (and Pros), TH600 etc. but from what I read the Alphas are better balanced than any closed headphones below $1000. I am still open to suggestions and further research on other cans. I am looking for balanced (not flat) closed headphones below $600 new or used.


My budget for an amp is around $300-400. I've read that Alpha Dogs do well with tube amps. Some have said on this forum that the Lyr sounded great with them. Upon further searching I came across some posts saying that Project Ember is just as good as the Lyr but $100 cheaper. Ember is said to be easier to tube roll with. What also makes me shy away from Schiit amps is the heat output. My room gets warm even in the depths of winter thanks to my pc and monitors. The amp will also power any future purchases. I do plan on buying a pair of open headphones (probably next year) out of curiosity as I've never used any longer than a few minutes which was a pair of HD600's in an audio shop at Newark airport. Not ideal place to listen to them.


I do plan on buying a good DAC but I will use my Fiio E7 until I build up some funds after these purchases. Not sure what Dac to buy but I will probably have around the same budget as my amp ($300/400). 


If i was to buy Project Ember and the Alpha Dogs what cables do I need? What cables for the Alpha Dogs do I choose when purchasing them? What cable(s) do I need to use between my Fiio E7 and amp?


Thanks in advance for any help.