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Headphones under 100 EUR

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Hi everyone, I am looking for headphones under 100 EUR. My picks so far are:


- Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

- Grado SR80i

- Koss Porta Pro KTC

- Sony MDR-V6

- I have heard a lot of good things about ATH-M50x but they are out of my price range.


I want durable headphones for video edit and music (rock and synthpop, if that matters). I am addressing this forum because I am really confused after reading so much reviews; HD 280 PRO is not that good, SR80i has awful earpads, Porta Pro rips hair and has bad build quality, MDR-V6 again with earpads... I don't care about design, cable length, I just want them to sound good and last more than year or two. I don't expect a miracle to happen for 100 EUR, but I believe there are solid headphones for that kind of money. I will be using them on my PC (sound card: Creative Audigy 2 ZS). Thank you for your time and consideration.

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You should consider Takstar Pro 80 (or Gemini HSR-1000 - same headphones)


You can read and ask about them here:


Best Luck!

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Thank you for answering so quickly. I will check them out and I hope in the meantime couple of more suggestions will arrive. Cheers!
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