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shure 215 cable upgrade

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Hi all

Long time lurker. I was given a shure 215 as a present. It won't replace my Westone UM2's but its nice.

But I hate the memory cable and stock cable. Every time I move my head I can feel that memory section & the rest of the cable feels like seriously too much weight for me.
Any suggestions for a replacement similar to the westone cables?
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the the westone replacement cables - make sure they are new mmcx type connectors!

Fitted my shures perfectly once it cut off some of the rubber off at the connectors.

If you are looking for affordable upgrade cables then fiio has some cheap ones.
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Thanks! I'm definitely not a fan of the memory wire at all. The entire cable feels like a weight hanging from my ears.

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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post

Thanks! I'm definitely not a fan of the memory wire at all. The entire cable feels like a weight hanging from my ears.



No memory on these and they are very light, just pick the variant Android/Apple control and you have extra functionality with your iems!

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Thanks again for the suggestions.... I was floundering in a sea of options on E-bay & Amazon.


I also didn't realize that the Westone and Shure connectors were the same type





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You can also purchase the Logitech replacement cables sold directly on their site.   Much, much cheaper and have proved very durable for me.    Come in both mic and non mic versions.    they do have memory wire but are extremely light cables which are very comfortable in my opinion.

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Thanks on the heads up for Logitech US 900 cables compatibility.


I checked them out, but because they have memory wires, I've decided to go with the Fiio cables.


If the Fiio cables work out for me, the Shure 215's will end up being my workplace IEM's. 


I can leave them at work and use my Westone UM2's as my primary IEM's at home & vacations.


I can always upgrade from the Fiio cables in the future





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Just an update... I received the FiiO cable and its great except that the diameter of the plug body is huge.


It won't work with any of the cases I use on my Galaxy note 3.


I spent hours on the internet looking for other cables that have don't memory wire or cost more than the earphones themselves and became frustrated.


Last night, I started examining the "memory wire" section of the original Shure cables... It appeared to have an extra coating in that area.


With nothing to lose, I got out my trusty X-acto knife.


After carefully cutting away the exterior coating / tubing, I discovered that the "memory wire" is a bare wire with the diameter of a small paperclip wire. 


it's simply laid onto the original cable and stuck into the connector and then has heat shink tubing as a cover.


The "memory wire" on my shure cable is gone, the 215's work awesome and are comfortable!


Next future step in my DIY is to figure out how to replace the huge Fiio plug with a smaller one



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i think you should buy a new IEM. Better than change the cable

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