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For Sale: Woo Wa7 & Wa7TP Two unit Combo set!

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For Sale:
Woo Wa7 & Wa7TP Two unit Combo set!

Will Ship To: USA

Woo wa7 & Wa7TP COMBO!!

Hello this is not a typo I am selling my prized dream setup.
The woo wa7 WITH the new wa7tp tube power supply..(!)
The wa7 was used approx 500 hrs use total including first owner. I am second owner.

The wa7tp has less than 20 hrs use!
I am first owner.

The wa7 comes with BOTH the stock tubes,
AND the upgrade Electro Harmonix 6C45 Gold Plated Pins matched pair tubes!

This combo set normally sells for $1400 new,
with an additional $100 for the wa7 upgrade Electro Harmonix 6C45 Gold Plated Pins matched tubes..

So that's a total of $1500, BUT,
I offer this PLUS an extra TWO SETS of matched pair tube upgrades for the wa7tp power supply..(!)

1-The Sylvania 5814A tubes(!),
2-The JJ ECC802S long plate tubes(!)
So you have even more upgrade choices smily_headphones1.gif

Additionally since neither the wa7tp or the original power supply come with an AC cord,
I threw in a nice AC cord(!)..

So with that and all the tubes, you have a dream TOTAL PACKAGE.

NOT SEPARATELY. . Soo don't ask.

Now For The price.. Drumroll. ..
....... .......... ............ .........
.. $1250 Total ! ! !
Shipping and PayPal fees included for US only!
For overseas I will consider domestic first.

Price is firm.
I use UPS ground for safest and lowest cost of heavy packages.

Contains Original packaging and the two boxes boxes will be placed together into one larger box.
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I might be interested.  I live in Canada though.  Will you ship up here?

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Pm sent. Dibs!
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PM sent!
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sorry guys, this item sold quick!
Forgot to close listing.
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