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For Sale: IC: Bottlehead Crack and Speedball

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For Sale:
IC: Bottlehead Crack and Speedball

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bottlehead received a bad batch of transistors for the speedball and so this particular one(built by a seasoned builder) has a buzz. 


I received email to verify this bad batch and will be receiving a new one(this week) at which point I will send it to be fixed(I have no soldering station and dont want one).


So this is an interest check. Though I am pretty sure I will sell it.




- RCA 12AU7 ECC82

- RCA 6AS7G JAN Black Plates

- Extra power cord(longer than the original) along with the original cord

- Original tubes

- Bottlehead badge(that goes on the amp)

- 2 knobs


Also the pics it is stained orange and unfinished. I will be finished or can be stained black or whatever color you want that wont counter orange and make it ugly - This is because I dont expect everyone to like orange. 

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^will be fixed

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