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NEW Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable for Audeze LCD-XC, LCD-X, LCD-2 and LCD-3 


Starting at $385.00



 Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable




 Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable




 Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable



NEW $385.00 Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable for for all Audeze Headphones: LCD-XC, LCD-X, LCD-2 and LCD-3


Drew recommends the Black Dragon V2 Premium as his Top Choice for the LCD-XC, LCD-X or the Beyerdynamic T1 with the detachable connector mod.

The Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable smooths out the high energy top end while tightening up and controlling the bottom end or bass and also makes the mid-range more musical. 

The LCD-X and LCD-XC have more top end energy than the LCD-2 and LCD-3.  For the Audeze LCD-2 and LCD-3 headphones,  Drew recommends the Silver Dragon V3 Premium Headphone cable for Audeze.

The original Black Dragon V2 headphone cable is Moon Audio's Premiere hard wiring cable. It can be hard-wired to just about any headphone such as Grado or AKG.

The Black Dragon V2 cable uses 4 x 21.5AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors using pure single crystallized UP-OCC pure copper with 7N purity 99.99998%.

The Black Dragon V2 is a wonderful match for the Grado GS-1000, AKG k701 among many, many other high end headphones.  Order your Black Dragon V2 headphone cable for other headphones such as Grado, AKG, Sennheiser and many others on the original Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable page.

Moon Audio also handcrafts audio cables for other headphones and brands.  Please see these links for more information: Black Dragon V2 Premium HD800 Headphone Cable, Black Dragon V2 HD700 Headphone Cable, & the Black Dragon V2 Shure Headphone Cable.

Each conductor is made up of a special varying size stranding geometry. The copper stranding is mixed with Kevlar stranding to reinforce the conductor. Making it stronger overall and less prone to failure due to the harsh constant flexing a headphone cable receives.

The conductors are then surrounded by cotton and then a layer of Teflon tape.

The new version is now also shielded and placed in a polyethylene jacket for further protection.

The wire is soldered to the connector with Cardas silver solder. The default 1/4" Plug is the Furutech FP-704(G). The default 1/8" plug is a Neutrik NYS231B. And the default XLR is the Black Neutrik NC3. The wire is then covered in 2 layers of Techflex braid.

The cable is extremely smooth sounding with great low end and wonderful voicing. And will remove the veil all Sennheiser headphones just like the Silver Dragon. Most stock headphone cables are made of poor ultra thin conductors that work as a bottle neck for the sound.

If you listen to any type of music then this is the cable will suit your needs. It is a little more rounded than the Blue Dragon. Fuller Sound and more bottom end weight.



Thank You.

Drew Baird 
Moon Audio 

140 Iowa Lane

Suite 204

Cary, NC 27511 


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