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I am inclining towards HE-400, I heard it's on par with HD650 witb great bass response. If the bass quantity is not sufficient, I think I can always use EQ to boost bass. Is it not a good idea to buy headphones with a plan to rely on EQ to get the bass response you like??

I personally wouldn't buy a headphone knowing I would be EQ'ing it but that's my personal view on the subject.  There are plenty of people around here who EQ their headphones but to me (unless it's a very minor EQ tweak) I want to hear the headphone how it was intended to sound.  I personally have never EQ'd any of my headphones but I don't fault others for doing it, to each their own.  I will add this though when I bought a pair of DT880 (250ohm) and paired them with a very bright amp, they were so bright that I considered EQ'ing them (later I got a warmer amp that made them sound much more pleasant).

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I ended up ordering HE-400. I am sure it will provide better bass response than DT-880 or HD598 I have. When I do get my HE-400, I will try to do a quick comparison of HE-400 vs. other phones I have.

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I know this thread might be old, but I thought I would write how I felt about HE-400 here.


I've had HE-400 for about 3 weeks now, done some burn-in on them and listened to it quite a bit.


My setup is PC -> USB -> Hifi-M8 -> HE-400. 


Before HE-400 arrived, I had been listening to HD598 alot for about a week, and was quite used to the sound of it. My first impression on HE-400 was that it sounds "distant". I am not sure if it is supposed to be considered to have "wide soundstage", but compared to HD598, which sounds close and intimate, HE-400 sounds like I am listening from 25th row. This makes me want to crank up the volume so that I can feel closer to the music.


HE-400 had serious amount of sibilance at first, to a point I could not tolerate. Most of female vocal with "s" or "th" sound would sound too harsh it would almost hurt my ears. After burning-in for about 150 hours, it seemed to have got better, but it is definitely there.


Also, the infamous recessed midrange was definitely noticeable with HE-400. I love listening to female vocal, and this is a huge minus for me.


Bass response of HE-400 was definitely better than HD598. Bass is tighter, has more quantity and more fun. However, I did not notice huge difference in sub-bass response. To my untrained ear, HE-400 and HD598 both seemed to have fairly "weak" sub-bass response.


Overall, I was quite disappointed with HE-400. I heard alot of good things about the phone, and might have had too much expectation. I will most likely be returning HE-400 and look into getting a pair of X1 or Shure SRH 1540.

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