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Lush closed portables under $200?

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Hey all,


I'd really appreciate some help upgrading or sidegrading from the Logitech UE6000s! I'll try and spell out what I'm looking for here.

What I mostly listen to are:
- Electro

- Drum n' Bass (usually Liquid)

- World/Jazz

- Pop

- Dubstep


What I live for is the feeling of the music washing over me. Take the drop in Endorphins, by Sub Focus, for instance. I believe the necessities for this are strong and clear sub-bass, detail, and layering/isolation (but correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm much more enthusiast than a truly educated audiophile).



Thoughts on headphones I've had/heard extensively in the past:

+ beautifully balanced sound with good bass (not too much)

+ decent soundstage

+ comfy

- a bit too laid back (though I actually kinda liked the relaxed listening, it was a little too relaxed sometimes)

- too bulky, and everything creaks


HD555s (modded)

+ soundstage to die for

+ extremely tight bass... *drool*

- though tight, the bass was anemic

- uncomfortable

- bulky, poorly constructed, and open-backed


Momentum On-Ears

+ awesome immediate sound (in contrast to the laid back UE6000s)

+ light, portable, and beautiful

- bass a teensy bit too strong

- not sure about long-term comfort

- soundstage has that in-your-head feeling... I could get used to it, since isolation and clarity are good?...


Brief thoughts on others:
Harmon Kardon CL: actually really, really enjoyed these while auditioning for a short while

ATH-WS99: surprisingly delectable vocals, but way too much bass

Grado SR60i: whew, way too bright haha

MDR-1R: during a very, very brief listen, found them to be very boring



I know that all of things I'm looking for don't mix often and describe the perfect headphones, but I'm just kind of looking for the best that I can do under $200. Should I just stick with the UE6000s, or is there something else out there that satisfies my need for portability (which includes comfort and build in my eyes) and lushness of sound (with soundstage and layering/isolation)?

EDIT: Also, sorry, for the record the headphones will be unamped and used exclusively with an ultrabook, smartphone, and the like. And the Momentum On-Ears are also in the running, as I don't actually own them but was listening to them more because I was considering them.

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The UE 6000 is a $200 can that you can now get at closeout prices for under $100.


The NAD VISO HP50 is excellent, but even used it is likely to cost you about $40 above your budget.

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If u want tall enveloping music washing all over u...layered tight bass, isolation, comfort.. 

Put in some overtime for another 30bucks, n get this one...:P



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 edit: M50x (but frustrating soundstage, imagine, not laid back, overemphasized bass)



P.S: SoundMagic HP100 would be a great choice

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