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Anyone has experience with Cowon iAudio9+ ?

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Im wondering how good is the iaudio9+ ?


I like the size of it, and seems pretty decent, they dont specify the dac inside though.... but for a bit more expensive i could have the fiio x3 which the dac seems pretty solid... another option would be the cowon z2?


between the 3 would there be a big difference in sound or they all should be in the same ballpark, its mainly for training that I would get it for, not critical listening.... but still would like something solid, because I used to have the Samsung Yp-p3 and i was in LOVE with the sound, simply amazing bass and clean sound, i forgot it in my pockets and it went in the washing machine, was depressed for a week, haha.... anyone would happen to know the DAC of the Samsung P3 would be much appreciated



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no one? lol

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I have one that I acquired in a trade, and it sounds very good. Similar to the X9 and C2, which I owned before it. I just don't have an X3 to compare it to so I don't know how much I can help... Personally I would recommend the Cowon C2 over the i9 though.. Expandable memory. Unless you have a library under 32GB, that is.

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I have one. Filled with FLAC and OGG. I bought it to replace an old Cowon iAudio X5 that finally gave out after many years of use. I like it. I would rate the sq as very good. The interface is initially baffling, but pretty easy to get used to. I've only driven iems with it so I can't speak on it's power relative to headphones.

I do consider it a temporary solution though. Having no line out, I would be double-amping if I wanted to use an amp to drive higher impedance phones. That, and the limited 32 gb capacity mean that I'm stuck where I'm at with it.

Other things that are nice are the five-band EQ (I have the bass up a bit for my old Westones), FM radio, multitude of sound-tailoring options, OGG and FLAC compatibility, and small size. I bought it for these reasons and because I knew I could just drag my collection onto it with little fuss, as I needed a replacement player in a big hurry to accompany me on a hospital stay. Given more time, I would have invested in a Fiio player or rough equivalent. I see a Fiio X5 in my near future.

Hope this helps.
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