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After many years of using mdr-7506 for my work as a location sound mixer (TV, video, film)
I need to find something smoother on the midrange as I am finding these frequencies more painful now.
This isn't for music mixing or for a hifi, so I don't need lots of detail or lots of bass.. It is mainly to just make sure voices are recorded well and to not fatigue my ears anymore from harsh midrange frequencies.
They however must be closed back headphones as I can't have leakage.
I have tried a few other headphones in my search including hd25's. Ultrasonic 580s, and my favorite so far
the beyer DT770 (32ohm).
They will be used in conjunction with a Sound Devices 633 recorder which has plenty of output for most

I know you guys here know your headphones, so please let me know what you think?
They might be too dark for your uses.. But they might be just right for me.

I've done some searching but have not had luck with this specific subject.. Maybe I have not used the right search terms. If so, please suggest what keywords would help.