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First real pair of headphones?

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Hiya, a little bit about myself. I mainly listen to r'n'b, hip hop and pop.
It's only recently that I've wanted to hear more from my music, recently just sold my beats solo hd's.
I'd like to really be able to hear my music properly and not just thump thump thump like my beats were providing.
I have about £70-£80 to spend on a new pair of headphones, I realise that I wouldn't be able to get the best pair of headphones with that amount of money but I would like a good pair for the price.
I will be running them through my galaxy s4 mainly for when I'm travelling to work and sitting in my garden.
So if anyone has any suggestions for my first proper pair of headphones for around £70 that would be awesome.
Many thanks
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If you can find a deal, the V-Moda M80's sound just about perfect for you. I purchased mine for $80 dollars American new. They have balanced, slightly warm tone with very good bass. They remind me of a good set of studio monitors. As an added bonus they can be driven from pratically anything.

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