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My Grado SR125i sometimes makes a tapping sound in the left ear when I tilt my head or move the wire around. I can see by looking through the mesh in the back that it is caused by the wire tapping against the metal magnet plate in the middle. I can partially fix it by twisting the wire so that it moves away, but it doesn't fix it permanently and there is still another part of the wire that taps against it. If I could open them up I could fix it permanently either by bending the wire or sticking a soft pad between, but I am hesitant to do it and I don't want to void the warranty. Will opening my headphones void the warranty? Is this something that I could have fixed under warranty by sending them to Grado? Does anyone know of an easy way to fix it? It is not very bad, it is just a minor annoyance that I could live with if there is not an easy way to fix it.