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I bought a pair of CX300IIs about 4 years ago and I liked them very much, but recently the left ear's sound kept cutting out (not all time time but I have to keep fiddling with the wire) so I decided to try the soundmagic E10s. These sounded really bright in comparison to the CX300IIs. Cymbals can become a dominant sound, lower frequencies get faded away and everything just sounds higher than normal. Also the soundmagics are less comfortable, so I bought a new pair of CX300IIs. However, whilst maybe not as bad as the soundmagics, these also sound bright. I compared the old pair with the new pair and this is very noticeable.


I do remember not particularly liking my original pair at first but I soon began to like them. This could have been a psychological effect, but my new pair sounds so different. Do they really change over time? Will the CX300IIs become less bright if I play them enough? Or is it the case that the sennheisers are inconsistent?


Other than this brightness issue, the sound quality is fine.






EDIT: I tried my old tips, which are softer and I guess they have moulded to my ears over time. There is a slight improvement doing that, but not perfect.

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