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Bass headphone reviews

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Link or write reviews on your basshead gear here

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Monster N-Pulse: http://www.head-fi.org/t/668530/surprised-monster-ncredible-n-pulse-are-kicking-my-general-musings-impressions-reviews-etc-thread


Yamaha Pro 500: http://www.head-fi.org/products/yamaha-pro-500/reviews/8455


Perfect Sound Dido D901: http://www.head-fi.org/products/perfect-sound-d901b/reviews/10082


(Borderline Basshead cans) Shure SRH1540: http://www.head-fi.org/products/shure-srh1540-headphones/reviews/10335

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A very quick review on the Ultrasone DJ1 (paid $120 off Amazon August 2011):


Likes:  Very bass-heavy, especially when EQ'd, good isolation, EDM kings, durable (three years & still kicking hard), bass doesn't overpower the songs

Dislikes:  Coiled cable (me being picky), hurts ears after about an hour of listening, non-detachable cable (looking to upgrade because of this), too harsh on treble for my liking (harsh treble hurts my ears), distortion at high (and unsafe) volumes and it gets really bad depending on the track (eg Some Chords by Deadmau5 is horribly distorted)

Neutral:  These get LOUD.  I think the max is 105dB?  Not entirely sure but it's up there.


Hands-On review of the Beats Mixrs (from listening to them twice in-store):


Likes:  Reminds me of my DJ1's, detachable cable, easier to carry around, love the looks, easily the best-sounding Beats headphones by far

Dislikes:  Much harsher sound (perfect for DJ'ing, though), clamp harder than the DJ1, overpriced (I'd pay $150 for them), fragile, I don't like on-ear headphones

Netural:  Louder than the Ultrasone DJ1 (tinnitus here I come!)


Honestly in regards to sound quality, I think the order of Beats headphones is:

Mixr, Beats Pro (sound exactly like my DJ1's), the new Studios, Executive, the old Studios, those $100 horribly overpriced earbuds (my roommate paid $35 for them; at that price they're decent), getting trampled, being stabbed, being castrated, brain damage, HD Solos.

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