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For Sale: JDSLabs C5 Amp

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For Sale:
JDSLabs C5 Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my C5 amp, barely used and in good condition. You can see pictures and the original ad here: Nothing has changed and people that buy from me know that I handle my equipment like a baby.


Original description:


"This is a great portable headphone amplifier, and a great match in size and ability for the iBasso DX50. Due to upgrading to the DX90, I no longer have need for this amplifier or the DX50. 


Included are:


JDS C5 Headphone Amplifier

3x Original C5 backplates

1x Updated C5 backplates (this will not fit this model)

2x Fiio Medium (150mm) bands

1x Fiio L8 Interconnect


Although the image shows an extra faceplate, this is the previous user's faceplate, which I replaced with a new one (which now has a few minor scratches due to use). These can be purchased cheaply from JDS labs if it bothers you."


120€ within the EU.

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Now on eBay:

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