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For Sale:
LFD LE IV Integrated Amplifier; 2014 Stereophile Class A

Will Ship To: CONUS

From Stereophile:


"If you like features, this integrated has none," says ST, but "If you like sweet, highly resolving sound, the LFD offers these aplenty." The latest refinement of LFD's LE integrated amplifier is rated to deliver 60Wpc and has a new chassis of extruded aluminum, a thick top cover, a much thicker faceplate, and three beautifully shaped knobs. The Mk.IV LE uses two MOSFET output devices per channel and a custom-made volume pot, but forgoes convenience features such as tone controls, specialized inputs, and remote handset. Compared with the Mk.III, the Mk.IV LE had a richer, fuller tonal balance, with deep, solid bass, astonishing immediacy, and exceptional dynamic range. "The LFD Mk.IV LE is artisanal hi-fi of the highest order, as much artistry as science," said ST, who bought the review sample.About to be replaced by the Mk.V at $4495. (Vol.34 No.1)


This integrated is excellent with the HiFiMAN HE-6 headphone. I will pay shipping within the 48 Contiguous States.