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Hope you can help, ive spent a bit of time going thro the huge amount of info on this amp, very interesting reading i must say, but in order to keep things nice and simple for me can anyone help


I have a LD1+ stock with no changes, im currently using this with a pair of Superlux 669 headphones (seems a fine match to me).


The valves must have about 200-300 hours on them now and have bedded in nicely. Sound overall is excellent and as i said im pleasantly surprised how the Superlux headphones are working (i previously had a set of Grados SR80's), but to be honest i got a bit feed up with them and wanted a change.


I still haven't really made up my mind about new cans, but decided to buy these Superlux as a stop gap solution, given the price and what id read i thought they were worth a go, so far, if you set aside the fact the build quality could be better (not that its that bad) im really happy with how they sound, to the extent that i haven't really got back into looking for replacements. I guess that means there doing something right!, although im sure itll rear its head again at some point.


Anyhoo i have rambled on and as usual missed the point.


After doing a bit of reading, i really fancy a pair of the Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV valves, does anyone know if i can pick these up in the UK?


Op-amp upgrade, this is the bit i need some assistance with, can anyone suggest a suitable op-amp upgrade for this set-up assuming i keeping the Superlux for a while.


Ive also added a 1A Fast Blow gold fuse and replaced the stock mains cable with a decent quality mains cable and gold fuse, which has also helped lift everything.


Any help, suggestions and where to get a hold of these items would be greatly appreciated.


For the money the LD 1+ is absolute bargain and a tweakers paradise by the looks of things.


Oh one other thing, anyone experimented with damping the chassis, I had this done with my valve amp, along with cap upgrades and the difference is amazing