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For Sale: FS: Grado Magnums V4

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For Sale:
FS: Grado Magnums V4

Will Ship To: Canada & US

For sale are my Grado 325is headphones with the full $400 Magnum mod. The drivers are V4 which are widely believed to sound better than the latest V5 drivers because of their interaction with the aluminum cups. This modification is no longer available which makes this one of a only a limited set available. Many who have owned these headphones would rank them quite a bit above the Grado rs1i headphones in terms of sound quality.


The overall condition is about 7.5/10. There are minor dents and scratches on the aluminum and the leather headband has dried out a bit. The headband has been replaced with a more comfortable & padded leather band custom made from Jin at Headphonelounge. The cable is also a 5" silver plated copper cable with grey sleeving. It was purchased from Chris_Himself and has a 1/8th termination.


To learn more about the magnums, click HERE!


I will ship to you for FREE as long as you cover PayPal charges.

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$50 price drop. A steal considering that I paid at least double the asked price to purchase everything.

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Excuse me?

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