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I've been on this kick where I'm buying cheap cans and replacing the drivers with ones from broken ones. The way I use cans (I am a DJ), I tend to break them more often than I'd like. The cable or plug is usually the first thing to go - then I might step or sit on the actual cans and break the headband/housing. I'm currently looking for new housings for my Koss Porta Pros, AKG K240, and Sony MDR-V700DJ. Also of note is that I also use earbuds that I convert to IEMs - and like the sound better than any IEMs I have tried/owned. The best IEMs I have owned had TWFK drivers or SHURE E-series drivers. Just like cans, I break them, and it is very disheartening when the cans/buds/iems cost more than $100 to replace. 


I found the Polaroid PHP8330 at a local discount department store. What intrigued me about these is that each set of cans came with 2 detachable cables - each with a mic and button for control. It is a standard 1/8" stereo plug at the cans end and a 4-conductor 1/8" at the plug end. This way, when I break the cable - which I will eventually do, I can replace it with an easy to find 1/8" t0 1/8" cable - and if I want - I can get a purple or cloth one!


The cost of these cans is also very low. I've seen prices from $10-$30. I didn't expect much at all. When I've randomly bought off-brand (Polaroid is an off-brand - someone is licensing the name - there isn't actually a Polaroid company any more with workers) head gear - I'm inevitability expectantly disappointed by lack of bass, lifeless sound, or no treble - something is always missing that makes it sound like I'm listening to AM radio in my car - in the 70s.


THESE CANS SOUND VERY SIMILIAR TO THE PORTA PROS. They sound like they cost more than $10 - maybe $30 or so. I wish $10 cans sounded like this way back when I was jamming to my portable AIWA cassette player.


They are listenable and I'd probably say the high-end of mid-fi. 

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