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A headphone side-grade?

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I currently hold three items: Sennheiser Momentum over-ear, V-Moda M80, and Audio Technica EW9. Yes they are all great, but over the time I got tired of listening to the bass-heavy cans. Also I recently found my major music taste shifting from Pop (especially J-Pop) and classic rock to classics and opera. M80 is my special can as I stepped into the audiophile world with them so I am not willing to let them go, and I also won't let the EW9 go as they are just too convenient that I can carry them anywhere to have a pleasant short listening session (although they don't isolate well, so I am not using it very often). So I am considering side-grading to sell or trade my Momentum for a pair of cans that have an emphasis on details and treble. However though I absolutely love DT880 and K550, they are just too big for portable use. I tried K545 but the bass was overly aggressive for me. There is nowhere for me to audit some other cans that I would love to check out (i.e. T51P) in the town.


Would you please have some suggestions on which one to get? Thanks!

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Soundmagic HP100, Shure SRH940, Yamaha MT220 (not that portable though) Sony MDR 7520, NAD Viso HP50 (perhaps too much bass for you?) and my wanted Brainwavz HM5/NVX XPT100/Fischer FA-003/God knows what more versions.


I supposed you want closed circumaural headphones, and tried to keep the price around the Momentus (the Sony might be more expensive, the Brainwavz is WAYYY cheaper)

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Thanks for the suggestions, but I am really looking at the portable side. Also comfort is a big issue, I dropped NAD Viso HP50 because they are waaaay too uncomfortable for me. I have a relatively bulky neck so M80s will clamp when staying in my neck and it is sometimes irritating when I'm out for long. But Momentum does not have the issue. The recommendations here are maybe too big for me.


I do want at least decent isolation. Whether on-ear or over-ear is not a big concern. Also I live in Canada so everything is more expensive and harder to get!

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well, comfort with over-on-ear (like the M50 or Momentum's, not really on ear but definitely not a over ear) is a bit tricky. The NAD are indeed regarded as a tad uncomfortable, the Focal too (that's why I didn't mentioned them), so the way to go might be something with velours. You said the Beyer's are all too big for you, so I suppose the 940 and HP100 is also too bulky


Honestly I don't know much more, the MDR1R is more portable and incredible comfortable, but too bassy for your needs (not a treble and detail minded headphone). I guess the DT1350's are too uncomfortable for you, but the size is very good for a portable headphone. 


As far as closed, detailed, comfortable, portable headphones go, the choices are not much. If you could go with open cans, you would have so much more to chose from. MDR-MA900, for example

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