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AKG K550 vs Shure SRH940

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On the guitar center website, they have the Shure srh940s and the AKG K550 headphones available for the same price. What is the difference in sound quality and which one is better for rock music?

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The K550 do not have an "In your face" kind sound, not a heavy "thump" to their sound.

More of a balanced audio, nothing lacking.

I would say the kind of headphones you could wear for long periods of time.

Currently using my K550s to listen to Vicci Martinez-Come along and The Beloved-Sweet Harmony.


AKG K550, refurb sold by Harmon audio, $130.

(I paid $180 for my refurbs)

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Both are very good cans, especially if you get a proper seal with K 550.


However I prefer the sound signature of the 940--especially those luscious mids.  It does have build quality issue with regard to the head band and it is a bit bass lite.  The 940 comes with a superior kit.

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