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Outdoor speakers?

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Hi All


I am looking for a set of outdoor speakers and a little overwhelmed with the options/dont know where to start looking. 


My yard is about 50x50ft and I'm a bit lost trying to get sound to it. 

I dont know if it will matter, but there will be 50people MAX. 



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I remember a while back reading a post (sorry, I don't remember what site it was on) from an AV installer who did a bunch of testing on outdoor speakers (he said he often did large setups for people with a lot of money and big yards), and he found that when installed in areas where the passive radiator can reflect a bit (such as under an eve, the most common place to install outdoor speakers anyways), he really liked the Definitive Technology AW6500's.  When installed in a more open environment, he preferred Polk Audio's Atrium8SDI's.

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