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Need a good ON EAR headset

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I recently went through 3 Senheiser Over the ear headsets. PC363, PC323D, and GameZero's. Took them all back for comfort reasons. I realized I don't think I can't do over the ear. Currently I own the PC 151's. But the mic crackles a bit and I don't think the audio quality is that great for gaming. I'm having a real hard time finding high quality on ear headsets. PC 151, PC 310, and Razer Kraken PRO's seem my best choice. Between those 3 what should I get? Or are there other choices. I know most audiophiles will say get headphones and a detachable mic, but when I play games I don't use push to talk, and a detachable MIC usually sucks for that. I know people who use that method.

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Get the V-Moda Boom Mic with a decent headphone:

Personally I find the Fidelio X1 really comfortable.
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Thanks.  I didn't know that kind of MIC existed.  Obviously the downfall is I need to tailor my headphone choice to ones that have a stereo jack on the bottom, and/or detachable cord.


Fidelio X1 looks amazing but I'd like to keep my budget somewhere around $150 max, and those are "over-ear". 

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It's also hard for me to tell, going through Mad Lusts's guide, which are over the ear and which are on ear.  After trying 3 sennheisers that got good "comfort" reviews and not liking them.  I don't think I want to take another chance on over ear.


And it's also hard to tell which ones have a detachable cord to use the boom mic on.

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What's causing the discomfort? Over ears are generally more comfortable than on-ears, especially with velour pads that prevents your ears from getting sweaty.
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363's were too tight, and were painful to my ears.  323's were about the same.  GameZero's hurt my jaw and made my ears sweat.  On all of them I tried to stretch out the headband.  I'm not totally against over the ear, I'm just sick of returning them.  The only pair I've ever worn that didn't bother me after 15minutes was the PC151's, on ear, that I have now.  But the audio quality isn't that great and the mic is crackling(because the volume control is breaking down).

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I'm leaning towards these 2 right now:


Assuming the v2 gets the same reviews that the v1 got...




I have the Philips Fidelio X1/28 Premium's on camelcamelcamel looking for a price under $180.  But in the mean time I may buy one of these.  At least when I purchase off amazon I can return them if they are uncomfortable.  I sometimes lose shipping costs, but it's worth it for me.


Thoughts on those 2?

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You should just ask Madlustenvy what headphones have the least clamping force.
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