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The Accidental WA5-LE Owner

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I started out a few months ago thinking that I'd buy a relatively inexpensive headphone amp, I had in mind a budget of about US$500. After looking around I came across the WA7, so I upped the budget a little.  Then I found out that the WA7 had a tube power supply (WA7tp), so up went the budget a little more.  Then I discovered that there was the WA7d + WA7tp, so up it went again!


At this point I'd ordered and paid for the WA7d + WA7tp, since they were on back order I carried on reading and browsing.  Then I discovered the WA5-LE!!  So after much angst and shuffling of funds I switched my order to a WA5-LE + upgrade parts and Teflon sockets!!  Just about 11 times my original budget.


I can't afford the tube upgrades at this point in time (I still have headphones to buy), but can anyone recommend any other upgrades to the WA5-LE that might improve its sonic performance as opposed to aesthetics. I'm in New Zealand and the shipping costs for returning the WA5-LE to Woo Audio for any additional mods would be prohibitive (US$500 round trip). So if there's anything else that's not too expensive and can be done before I take delivery, I might just consider it.


If you have any suggestions, please suggest away!  I asked the same question of Jack Woo but never had a response.


Cheers - Peter

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yeah, i recommend asking them to double check everything and even do a burnin for you before shipping to make sure you don't have a problem with it once it arrives.  have had a few defective items arrive from woo and it can be a hassle to get fixed. just ask them to give it the twice over for you.



old thread, sorry... you are hopefully enjoying the amp by now ;)

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Play with different power cords. Enjoy!
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