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VC02 not working

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Hello, I miss my pair of VC02s.


Somewhat recently one of the drivers has stopped working reliably. It sometimes works, usually doesn't, fades in and out, starts/stops working if you wiggle it 


I have detached the removable cable and the driver that's not working and cleaned the contacts. Also when it was working, I tried sliding the contacts in and out, which did not seem to cause any ill effects, so I don't think that there is poor contact between the removable cable and the base of the driver.


I opened up the driver that's not working and it looks like the wires are connected solidly. It does start/stop working if I just wiggle it a bit but AFAIK there is no correlation between wire positioning or if the wires are touching or not. I don't think the insulation wore off and is shorting.


I have also taken the removable cable and touched it directly to the inside of the driver after opening it up, bypassing the connection near the base and subsequent wires. The sound driver itself seems okay; my hands were a bit shaky, so sometimes the sound was as well, but it appears that the driver isn't broken.


The other driver works completely fine.

I'm a bit confused, all the connections look good, but it seems like it's intermittent somewhere. Please advise.


Thanks for reading.

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if everything seems solid up by the drivers I'd snip off the headphone jack and solder on a new one.

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The other one works fine though and like I said it seems to work okay if I touch the removable cable contact pins directly to the driver's internals.
Doesn't seem like a plug problem?
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