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Hello all

recently, due to small problems, I've been using my monoprice 8320s, not my favourite, but small and decent soundingĀ (albeit tangly and annoying). At the time I started using those more and stopped using my lindy premiums/brainwavz hm5/ fischer audio fa-003 (you get the picture) I began to notice that a pain I'd been having in my right ear had gone, it was a weird thing though, because it's not to do with volume andĀ I'm pretty sure it's not an infection, I thought it might be to do with pressure, but the pads are pretty big... Then I noticed a very small lump just behind the ear in line with the ear canal, which got larger the longer I listened with the over ears. If I pressed it, the pain turned into an odd feeling, then subsided. Also, I'd pull on the top of my right ear, there would be a click and the pain would go. Any ideas of what the mysterious problem might be? Maybe it's obvious, but whilst I know plenty about headphones to be going on with, I don't know masses about ears, other than Q-tips= bad (from a very cruel prank played on me by some of the people in the sennheiser UK meet 2 thread) and volume too high= burst ear drums. I'll upload a photo of the lumpy bit behind my ear when I can, and I hope you can help.

Thanks in advance