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HifiMan HE-400 Balance Issues...

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So, I recently picked up a pair of HE-400's (open box, read: $50 cheaper) and they were absolutely excellent for the first week or two I owned them. Then, seemingly all of the sudden, the left channel became noticeably quieter than the right. This is no matter what source / amp I'm using. 


Things I've tried (to no avail):


- Forcing mono output on my PC

- Forcing reverse stereo output on my PC

- Adjusting ear cups on both sides

- Changing amp / source

- Switching the cables to the opposite side of the headphones

- 100 hour burn in


It's not that there isn't sound coming out of the left channel, because there is. The right channel just seems to be more dominant, especially in reproducing certain frequencies (extreme highs and lows). If I set my audio balance on my PC to +2 to the left channel, they sound much more centered. 


Anyone ever run into this before? Think it's worth an RMA?

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If your ears are nicely balanced, you might have something which needs looking at unfortunately.

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