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Looking for IEM and DAC

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Hi Guys,


I am looking for a new pair of IEM and a new DAC as well.

Currently I am having Westone UM1 and pair with my Android phone as well as Ipad Mini.

Never use a DAC before and would like to start.

I listen to mostly Rock, Alternative, POP and Hip Hop.

I would prefer Balance and Detail.


Budget for IEM : $300

Budget for DAC : $200


I have been reading the forum and currently considering below IEMs :


IEM : Etymotics ER4PT, FA DBA-02 MKii, AT ATH-IM02


DAC : iFi iDSD Nano, Fiio E17


I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback and suggestions on these IEMs and DAC as well as how do they fit for each other?

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What about the new Dunu DN2000s?

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thanks for the recommendation.

It looks promising with a Dual BA and Dynamic hybrid.


But does it fall under Balanced sound or tends to be V-shaped?

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