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For my current audio setup I am using some sony bookshelf speakers and a sony karaoke receiver that I picked up at a garage sale. I am looking to save on space so I have recently ordered a Lepai tripath 2020+ amp to drive the speakers to clear up some room under the desk.


I use the sony's bass boost with an unmodified signal out from my Xonar DG and it sounds how I want. However, when I keep the receiver flat and mess with the EQ in the Xonar DG settings within windows, I can't get the same clean bass boost without it either being muddy or way too quiet. I am worried because I have heard that the tone controls on the lepai degrade the sound and am wondering if it's possible to get the same EQ I do out of my recevier through the software so that I can leave the Lepai on direct.


Edit: The reason I like to use the Sony's EQ is so that I can listen to my headphones without them having any EQ.

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